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How Creating Content Can Help Your Healthcare Technology Company

Digital marketing in the healthcare industry is about more than a flashy website and pay-per-click ads. To truly succeed, you need a comprehensive marketing strategy that utilizes various types of content. This will enable your digital health company to build an online presence and increase sales over the long term.

Content gives visitors a reason to visit your website and return again and again. On your social channels, you can create posts and share engaging content that will pique their interest as well as increase engagement. As visitors consume more of your content, their trust will grow as they view you as an authority, leading to improved lead generation and conversions. Content also makes your site easier to find online through improved SEO.

How Creating Content Helps Your Healthcare Technology Company

Sometimes content creation for your health tech company can feel like screaming into the void. The truth is that you’re actually building the foundation for long-lasting relationships with your customers. It takes time to enjoy the fruits of your digital marketing team’s labor, but the final result will be satisfied brand ambassadors that sing your praises.

According to HubSpot, there are a handful of key ways that content can improve your marketing efforts, including:

  • More time spent on your site
  • Higher social media engagement
  • Strengthened audience trust
  • Improved lead generation 
  • Increased conversions
  • Better SEO rankings

These factors work together to increase your authority and help you stand out from other health technology companies. 

More Time Spent on Your Site

With quality content such as blog posts and videos, you have the opportunity to engage with visitors and create a positive experience. This motivates them to return later and dig deeper into your company through the valuable content you have already created. As you continue to create content, you’ll be drawing them back, again and again, to see what your company has to say.

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Higher Social Media Engagement

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Many healthcare organizations have loads of followers across their social channels. However, not as many of them see their followers truly engaging with their posts. To create engagement with a social media post, you need to be speaking directly to your audience about things that matter to them. By doing that, you’ll boost your social metrics and increase your visibility.

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Strengthened Audience Trust

The importance of gaining trust with your audience can’t be overstated. Not only can increased trust lead to a customer, but they’ll likely tell their colleagues about their experience. According to SEMrush, a powerful marketing insights tool, 90% of people are more likely to trust a brand that’s been recommended to them, giving you the gift of free word of mouth marketing.

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Improved Lead Generation

Building trust is essential for turning your visitors into leads. As you guide them through the inbound marketing flywheel, you’ll be engaging with them more directly. With every CTA they click and newsletter they sign up for, they’re becoming an increasingly qualified lead. This opens the door for you to engage them one-on-one, discuss their pain points, and provide solutions.

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Increased Conversions

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Creating content that’s based on tailored buyer personas is one of the best ways to increase your conversions. Buyer personas are composites of your ideal customer based on data and informed speculation. Personas combined with valuable information and inviting CTAs (calls to action) help guide visitors through the inbound flywheel toward making a desirable action.

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Better SEO Rankings

Short for search engine optimization, SEO is crucial for nearly any form of content creation. It combines keyword research with formatting to let search engines know what your content is about, which in turn helps searchers find you more easily. As your SEO improves, search engines like Google will promote it higher and higher, eventually becoming the top search result.

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Partner With Baker Marketing To Optimize Your HealthTech Company’s Content Marketing Strategy

The team at Baker Marketing has almost a decade of experience helping clients reach their content goals. Whether it’s informative blogs that boost your SEO or engaging videos that leave visitors clamoring for more, we have the experience and know-how to create quality content that drives conversions. With Baker Marketing, you’re getting more than a content vendor — you’re getting a partner who can help you navigate the digital landscape.

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Quality content encourages more visitors to your site and gives them a reason to return. It also gives you an opportunity to increase engagement across your social channels. As you create more valuable content, your visitors’ trust will grow, making you an authority in the HealthTech industry. This will turn them into qualified leads and increase your conversions. Content optimized for SEO helps your site rise in search engine rankings, making you easier to find.

Baker Marketing Laboratory has spent years helping healthcare businesses find their footing in the digital world. Through a combination of inbound digital marketing and powerful messaging strategies, we help you craft a marketing campaign that resonates with your ideal customer. Contact us today to schedule a call and learn the difference we can make for your business.