Marketing Strategy

Everything starts with strategy.

A well-crafted marketing strategy not only helps businesses establish a strong brand presence, but also enables them to differentiate themselves from competitors, drive customer acquisition and retention, and achieve sustainable growth.

At Baker Marketing Laboratory, we specialize in developing creative healthcare marketing strategies tailored to the unique needs of medical practices and businesses in the healthcare industry.

Strategic Marketing Plans

A strong marketing strategy is the foundation for achieving long-term success. Whether you need a targeted go-to-market plan or a comprehensive strategic marketing campaign, our team works closely with you to understand your goals, target audience, and industry landscape. With this information, we develop a marketing strategy using the following process: 


Analyzing Your Current Marketing Presence

By auditing your website, social media presence, online reviews, and more, we’ll take a close look at your current marketing content and determine areas for improvement.

Identify Goals & Milestones

Our marketing strategies always start with a goal in mind. We develop clearly defined marketing objectives that align with your overall business goals, so everyone understands what success looks like.

Conducting Competitor & Industry Analysis

Next, we’ll provide a thorough analysis of the competitive landscape surrounding your business. We’ll also look at industry trends, challenges, and opportunities that impact you directly.

Developing Target Personas & Messaging

To guide your marketing strategy, we then create research-based target personas and messaging that resonates with them. This ensures all marketing activities are in alignment with what your audience cares about.

Providing Campaign Recommendations

Lastly, we develop creative marketing campaign recommendations to achieve your goals. This includes an outline of specific tactics and channels to be utilized in each campaign, as well as a well-defined timeline that outlines the sequence of marketing activities.

Our Flying Fish Philosophy

In order to propel themselves out of the water, flying fish first have to dive deep into the ocean and generate momentum. In other words, they dive deep to fly high. The method the flying fish use can directly relate to how we work for our clients. Whenever we are approached with a new client challenge, we first dive deep into research. We have to understand all aspects of the situation - your strengths, weaknesses, competitors, target audience, etc. before we can generate creative digital marketing strategies. Using this philosophy as a framework helps us to excel for our clients, and it has become an important piece of our brand and business model.

Graphic of three flying fish diving deep to fly high

Partner with Baker Marketing Laboratory

Whether you need assistance in developing a comprehensive marketing plan, or are simply seeking guidance on how to get started, our expert team is here to help you every step of the way. Let’s work together to unlock the growth you deserve.