Ultimate Guide on How to Get More Patients to Your Practice – 2018


Using your website to get more patients for your practice is an underutilized method of marketing by many in the healthcare industry. It is time to start taking a focused and strategic approach to the audience you’re trying to attract online to then eventually convert them into long-term patients offline.

According to TeleVox, 51% of people say they’d feel more valued as a patient through digital health communications. This means that it is time to strengthen your relationships with potential patients online to ensure that awareness of your practice is reaching the most amount of relevant people as possible.

The first step to getting more patients online is to define the goals and budget for marketing ahead of time.

  • Are you looking for more traffic to your website?
  • Do you want your website to convert more of those website visitors into new contacts and appointments?
  • Are you interested in increasing your reach on Facebook?
  • Are you looking for more views on your YouTube videos?

All of these goals should be centered to getting more qualified leads to your website and as a result, more local patients into your healthcare facility.

Secondly, set aside a major portion of the marketing budget for online campaigns. 59% of U.S. adults have looked online for specific health information, such as what medical condition they or someone else might have, according to Pew Research.

Google Hospital Study

The online presence of a healthcare facility is increasingly playing a role in research conducted by potential patients, therefore online spending should be a major focus of the overall marketing budget. This study conducted by Google and Compete highlights the growing importance of online marketing versus other channels for reaching customers during the critical research process of finding a doctor, a nursing home, a dentist, a hospital, etc.

Read all 17 marketing tactics to reach potential patients online for hospitals, health care centers, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities.

Index of Marketing Ideas:

Social Media | Online Advertising | Search Engine Optimization (SEO) | Content Marketing | Reviews and Reputation Management | Website | Email Marketing

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At Baker Labs, we are big believers in the power of using inbound marketing and content to help our clients reach their revenue goals, from creating and sharing valuable content and resources that educate and build trust with your potential patients to helping practices implement a successful email marketing campaign to boost traffic and increase patients coming through the door. We use a variety of digital strategies, from complex to simple, to help your medical practice grow. Contact us today for a free marketing assessment of your business or medical practice.

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