How to Keep Your Audience Captive with Digital Content

As a remarkable business, you have the responsibility of providing your website visitors, social media followers, and all potential customers with resourceful information that is easily accessible.

Get Started by Publishing Digital Content

When you first start writing, it’s important to try out different types of content to see what’s the most effective for your market. What produces great results for a competitor might do absolutely nothing for you and vice versa. Here are a some examples of content to try:

  • Blog posts: One-page articles on topics related to your industry.
  • White papers: Papers that educate your marketplace on an industry trend, challenge, etc.
  • Videos: Short two- to three-minute videos about your industry.
  • Webinars: Live online presentations on an industry topic, often hosted through online software.
  • Podcasts: Ten to 20-minute audio programs or interviews with industry experts similar to radio shows.
  • Webcasts: Live video shows viewed online.
  • Visuals: Content such as infographics and slide decks.

As you continue producing content, you will not only help and entertain your audience, you’ll strengthen and grow your company’s brand and profit margins in two major ways.

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Search Engine Ranking

By creating quality content, you’ll be attracting the attention of other reputable websites. Content producers from these websites will link to you as a source of information and these links will send qualified visitors to your site. These qualified visitors are looking for the information you have and could very possibly be potential customers. This flurry of activity tells Google that your website is worthy of being at the top of search results for important keywords in your market. As links and visits to your website increase, so will your company’s online repudiability and by extension, your search engine ranking. Learn more about how Google works and why it matters to you.

Social Media Engagement

Have you ever heard of something “going viral” on social media and wondered what that meant? Viral is a term we use to describe something that has hit the Internet and spread like wildfire or a virus (hence, viral). Interesting content that is easily consumable and shareable like an image, video, article, or other piece of information will engage your followers and increase your social reach.

The great thing about producing creative content is that the more you do it, the more you’ll get out of it. Twenty years ago, all of the information about your company was inside the head of the founder, salesperson, or consultant. Today, the more transparent your company is, the more information you have to offer, the more you’ll prosper.

Effective marketing is no longer based on who has the most dollars to spend. Rather, effectiveness lies in how well you can think outside of the box and maximize the value of the content you’re producing. If you’re interested in learning more about how you can maximize your marketing results without dramatically increasing your budget, contact us for a free consultation.