How Inbound Marketing Can Knock Out Your Competition with a One-Two Punch

How Inbound Marketing Can Knock Out Your Competition with a One-Two Punch

What is your company the world’s best at?

Do your buyers know?

Do your competitors know?

Do YOU really know?

Whether you provide a service that can solve a major problem, sell a product that makes an annoying task less annoying or you have the most incredible customer care anyone could ever experienced, it’s vital to the survival of your company that you be the world’s best at something.

This is especially true if you want to successfully move your marketing from outbound to inbound and take on bigger competition. Here’s why.

Outbound marketing is an interrupting marketing strategy. It’s what happens when a potential buyer is casually going about his day and is smacked in the face by an advertisement he’s not expecting. Outbound marketing has very little to do with a buyer’s genuine interest or how remarkable your company is. Whoever shouts the loudest receives the most attention and the more marketing dollars you spend, the farther your voice can carry.

Inbound marketing is much more subtle. Potential buyers who are attracted by inbound marketing are much more likely to make a purchase than those attracted by outbound methods, because they know they have a problem and are intentionally looking for a solution; a solution that your product or service provides. Your goal is to help them make that connection and the first step to that is getting found online. Read about the other steps here.

Unfortunately the Internet is a very busy place and your competitors are trying to get found as well. In order to capture your buyer’s attention, you’re going to have to be develop a strategy that takes your company from ordinary to extraordinary.

Here’s a one-two punch strategy recommended by the founders of HubSpot who have seen smaller companies battle corporate giants with its implementation.

Right Uppercut: Find a solution to an unsolved problem.

Every industry has a set of unspoken rules every company agrees to follow. These rules are typically set by the current market leader who has the largest voice when it comes to educating your target audience on what the latest industry trend is. By ignoring these rules and thinking outside of the box, you’ll come up with solutions to problems that currently plague the average business model. Implementing these solutions will ultimately make your business better and more attractive to your target audience.

Left Hook: Be the world’s best at what you do.

If you’re not already the best within your market, redefine your market more narrowly. Rethink your boundaries and adapting new ideas to consumer requests and you’ll find yourself tapping into a market no one has reached before.

The Internet allows you to reach so many more people than you could without it. However, it has also increased the competition. If you want your buyers to find and choose you, you have to offer them something that is valuable and unique. You have to stand out from the rest. When you figure out what that “something” is, capitalize on it!


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