Consistency in Marketing (The Key to a Marketing Plan)

*This blog has been updated since it was originally published on July 19, 2013

Consistency is one of the most important factors in any healthcare marketing plan. From tone and language to when you publish content, a steady approach is essential for attracting visitors to your site as well as converting them into clients. Unfortunately, not everyone realizes the importance of consistency in marketing and can lose out without ever realizing more is possible.

Consistent marketing is much like housetraining a dog. Like your puppy, your prospective clients follow your lead and can become confused when things change. Consistent marketing creates predictability among your leads, making you a trustworthy authority. With consistent language, tone, and content publishing, you can turn leads into clients and clients into passionate ambassadors for your healthcare brand.

Why Consistency in Marketing Matters

Consistency is key for digital marketing strategies. To succeed with your target audience and potential buyers, you must develop a marketing plan that consistently addresses their pain points in tone and language. This goes for social media, case studies, and even the language your sales reps use working to convert healthcare professionals into long-term clients.

I began thinking about this recently while housetraining Habersham, our new 10-week-old chocolate Lab. We started by leaving through the garage door when taking him on walks. We were getting great results with him, but we had more options for how to go as he got bigger. Once he got big enough, we switched to using the back door to walk down the deck stairs. 

That makes sense, right? Well, not for poor little Habersham. Rather than innately understanding why we switched doors for his walks, he became confused. He wasn’t sure which door to sit by when he needed to use the bathroom, which eventually led to him having accidents inside the house. What had been only a change for him was now everyone’s problem.

You run the same risk with your clients if you aren’t using a consistent digital marketing strategy. From product launches through every sale, you are training your clients on what to expect from your company. Changing your messaging halfway through (or at any point for that matter) can lead to setbacks for your customers and eventually for you.

As with us understanding outside better than Habersham, you understand your product better than the customers you serve. However, a marketing team that changes things up can negatively impact buying decisions, hurting your bottom line. With consistent digital marketing, you are helping everyone involved achieve their goals.

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Building a Successful Healthcare Marketing Plan

importance of consistency in marketing

Tone and language are important, but they’re not the only thing you need for your medical marketing plan to be successful. Even when and how often you publish content can make a huge difference for your current and potential customers. This is true for blogs as it is for posting on your social media platforms and uploading videos to YouTube.

Being consistent isn’t just about teaching people what to expect — it’s also about learning what works best for them. For example, imagine you’ve decided to start a blog for your healthcare business. Sure, you can publish at any time during the day. However, your passionate clients —   your brand ambassadors — may be most active during a certain period of the day.

In this case, you want to learn when they’re most active and likely to read your blog. The same goes for your socials and other marketing channels. While you may not know when this is at first, you can experiment and track when engagement is at its highest. This can be done using tools such as Google Analytics from the Google search engine as well as HubSpot.

You can then focus on publishing content during those time periods. This not only helps you stay on track for creating and posting content, but it helps build trust and credibility between your healthcare company and your audience. 

The Benefits of Consistent Content Marketing for Healthcare 

When it comes to digital marketing for the healthcare industry, content is king. As HubSpot has pointed out, content marketing is the most cost-effective way to get your name out there. Great content marketing isn’t cheap, with a single blog costing anywhere between $150 and $3,000 on average if you don’t hire a full-time writer. Fortunately, it can also save you money over time, since content marketing is much cheaper than paid ads and traditional marketing. 

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consistency in social media marketing

HubSpot has also found that content creation can improve your:

  • Brand impression among site visitors
  • Social media content
  • Quality of leads
  • Conversion metrics
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Industry authority
  • Brand awareness
  • Brand loyalty

Consistency in content marketing only strengthens these benefits. By creating and publishing blogs, videos, and on social media consistently, you will be facilitating and promoting communication with your visitors. This will encourage them to return again and again, converting them from visitors to passionate advocates for your healthcare brand.

Let Baker Marketing Get Your Healthcare Marketing Plan on Track

Just like housetraining Habersham, it’s one thing to know you need a consistent healthcare marketing plan. It’s another thing completely to develop a plan and put it into action. You have enough on your plate as a marketing manager and may not have the time to implement a full-scale marketing plan. You need a team you can trust to help you carry the burden.

That’s where Baker Marketing comes in. Our healthcare marketing agency has spent a decade working in the healthcare sphere, helping our clients achieve their digital goals. As a HubSpot award-winning company, our team of digital marketers has the know-how to support your digital marketing efforts and be your guide through the digital landscape.  

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Consistency is as important for successful healthcare marketing as it is for housetraining a puppy. Like your new dog, your clients and visitors look to you for guidance on what to expect and changes can lead to confusion. With consistent language, tone, and content, you can convert them into passionate ambassadors for your healthcare brand.