Baker Labs Wins Impact Award From HubSpot

We received some exciting news last week — we won a 2020 HubSpot Grow Better Impact Award for Service!  We are super excited to be one of two agencies to win this award from HubSpot in Q3, not only because it recognizes the impact we’ve had in 2020, but because it tells the story of what a great solution can provide to our clients. HubSpot uses its Impact Awards to recognize members of its Solutions Partner Program who go above and beyond to help their customers grow better.

This particular award was achieved by enhancing customer support for Platinum System, a leading EHR software for chiropractors. By migrating Platinum to HubSpot Service Hub, Platinum saw a 90% decrease in time to close support tickets, 89% positive ratings for customer service, and $12k in annual cost savings. All of us at Baker Labs are thrilled with this achievement and look forward to continuing to serve our clients well through growth and service as an Impact Award Winner. 

We received notice that Baker Labs was named the Impact Award Winner for North America for Service in Q3 by HubSpot. We are proud to be one of two agencies who've won this award from HubSpot.
Baker Labs was named the Impact Award Winner for North America for Service in Q3 by HubSpot

Our Client’s Challenge

Despite being pioneers in the chiropractic software EHR industry, Platinum was facing rising competition when they began working with us early in 2020. They needed a comprehensive strategy to give them a competitive edge and set them on a trajectory for growth. 

We recognized that customer service was one way Platinum could establish a differentiator in the market. Platinum’s team fields an average of 500 support tickets each week, and they needed a long-term, cohesive strategy that would treat their business model like a flywheel with their customers at the center of everything.

In healthtech and SaaS software, customer service is incredibly important to reduce churn, improve customer happiness and ultimately maximize the impact your software has on your customers.

Baker Labs’ Award-Winning Solution

Platinum’s challenges were complex, and required understanding the needs of their business and staff. We determined HubSpot was the best solution overall because of its ability to provide data and insights throughout the entire customer journey.

We implemented a multi-pronged approach that aligned the business goals with the needs and concerns of the support team.

1. Migrate contact data to one CRM (HubSpot)

During Platinum’s transition to HubSpot, our team needed to combine contact data from multiple CRM systems. Integrating the data and communication between Sales and Service was top priority, and data quality was of the utmost importance. The transition needed to be invisible to customers calling in for support. Focusing on this migration first allowed the new website launch to run smoothly and keep service uninterrupted.

2. Design a solution for a call-centered workflow

While Platinum makes great use of HubSpot’s chatbot, customers still heavily rely on phone calls for support. We needed to find a solution that would integrate well with HubSpot and deliver extra capabilities for Platinum. We advised them to use Aircall, which integrates with HubSpot and allows recording and tracking.

3. Train the customer support team on a new approach and process

The change to HubSpot required a shift in thinking and new way of working, but the service team at Platinum understandably had reservations. We trained their reps on how to best use HubSpot and set up daily workflows centered around contacts vs. business names and software version numbers.

4. Provide visibility and insights into data

One of the most significant advantages of an all-in-one solution like HubSpot is the ability to see and track data throughout the entire customer lifecycle. Platinum’s leadership needed to have a faster, easier way to create reports and dashboards so they could spot trends, identify bottlenecks, and make better decisions. Service Hub was perfect as a true ticketing system and saved Platinum from spending time, money, and energy replicating these functions in its own software.

To discover more about the incredible improvements Platinum saw through their migration and utility of HubSpot’s Service Hub, check out our entire blog detailing their journey to success.

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