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CallRail Integrates with HubSpot and Inbound Marketers Rejoice

callrail hubspot call tracking integration

We’ve been using CallRail as a call tracking solution for Baker Labs and our clients after reviewing a few call tracking solutions.  We’ve been super impressed with the software and it’s already revealed some interesting stats about inbound leads that we weren’t capturing.  However the biggest downside is that CallRail didn’t have an official integration with HubSpot.  As a HubSpot partner, it’s crucial for us to bring call tracking into our HubSpot lead reporting.  This allows us to have a complete view of what leads we are generating, and where in the buying cycle they are calling. To move call data from CallRail to HubSpot we’ve been using a Zapier interaction, which was good – but not perfect.

CallRail and HubSpot Call Tracking Integration

I was reviewing CallRail data and noticed that a new integration had been added…HubSpot!  In my opinion, HubSpot + CallRail is a match made in heaven for inbound marketers. Both tools provide awesome means for the person or company responsible for marketing to get a 360 degree view of their marketing impact.   If you’re not using either of these tools, you should be.

If you’ve got questions, about either CallRail or HubSpot – let’s talk.

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