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22 Tips From Healthcare Marketing Rockstars

How do you feel about your practice’s marketing efforts?

If you’re anything like a lot of established business owners, whether in healthcare or not, you’re probably feeling out of control and a little behind the times. You’ve probably seen a decent decline in the effectiveness of some of your tried-and-true marketing channels—radio, TV, yellow pages.

Before you boost your budgets, we need to talk about how the way consumers buy everything, even healthcare services from doctors and hospitals, is changing and what this means for your healthcare marketing.

21 Tips From Healthcare Marketing Rockstars

The once ubiquitous yellow pages are a shadow of their former selves, and it’s no wonder when was the last time you reached for a copy? They are downright hard to come by these days; most never even get delivered. Don’t think radio and tv are immune either—according to a recent Omnicom Media Group study, 47% of people under about 50 years old fall into a group dubbed the unreachables. A segment of the population, who view their TV as just another screen for YouTube and other streaming services. They are never going to see your expensive ad in the middle of the prime time lineup because they don’t watch traditional TV.

Where does this leave us? It’s time to evolve the way we deliver and market healthcare to meet our patients where they are.

Healthcare marketing in 2018 is all about evolving these tried and true methods to meet the growing consumerization of healthcare and laying the groundwork for capitalizing on the latest developments in technologies like artificial intelligence, voice recognition, and live streaming video.

To help you boost your healthcare marketing efforts, we’ve prowled the web looking for 20 great tips from healthcare marketing rockstars. From using technology to better connect with your patients to leveraging the latest advancements in voice search, these tips will help your healthcare organization maximize marketing efforts.

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Coping with the Consumerization of Healthcare

  1. Dan Dillenbeck,  Senior Director of Consumer Experience at Influence Health, on consumer conditioning:

“If there’s one major challenge that healthcare organizations face in the quest for a stellar patient experience, it’s consumer conditioning.

That’s because by the time someone begins the healthcare decision-making process, they’re not just a patient. They’ve been conditioned by years of interaction with retailers, financial institutions, and food service companies to expect a seamless experience that’s focused on their needs and expectations. Basically, by the time they get to your door, they’re conditioned to make choices, even healthcare choices, as consumers.”

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