The importance of a digital marketing strategy to small businesses

Why Do Small Business Owners Need to Spend Money on Digital Marketing to Get Found Online?

It’s tempting for you, a small business owner, to ignore online marketing as a way to save money, time and lots of frustration, but we don’t recommend it. We care about you too much and want you to be successful, which is why we have a different plan in mind for you below. 

Consumers spend lots of time searching online for products or services to solve their problems. This time being spent online means consumers aren’t having to spend time or energy browsing brick and mortar stores. That being said, if you want to serve consumers with your product or service, you need to meet them where they are already looking—and that means your small business needs to be easily found online. Bottom line.

Think about it this way: If your business product or service doesn’t show up on Google—the place where people are searching for solutions—you’re going to miss out on sales opportunities. This, in turn, will keep you from reaching your end-of-year sales goals, especially if those goals are growth oriented.

And we want you to meet those goals. 

Instead of leaving money on the table, why not update what you are doing to optimize your returns? It just makes sense and makes you more money. We want you to make more money and continue adding to the local economy. That’s a win for everyone. But we get it. The difficult part is knowing what to do and actually putting a plan in place. That’s where we have a solution for you.

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Gavin Baker, Principal of Baker Labs, understands what consumers are searching for and how to get valuable products and services in front of them. He takes this information and his deep knowledge of online marketing to consult  with business owners who are stuck or stalled in their growth trajectory.

Get this: Gavin often finds that the number one reason business owners aren’t reaching their sales goals is they don’t have a plan in place for online marketing or are following the wrong plan. Period. That’s the long and short of it.

As a way to educate small business owners about the value of online marketing and guide them along toward next steps, Gavin recorded a podcast with Justin Goodbread of Financially Simple. This podcast episode is part of an ongoing series titled Starting a Business and is relevant for any entrepreneur, startup company or small business owner looking to thrive financially and ultimately stay competitive in their niche industry.

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In this podcast episode, Gavin discusses how to:


>Optimize search engine optimization for your business.

>Use paid ads on Google and Facebook.

>Drive paid and organic growth through social media platforms.

>Create useful content to educate potential consumers on your product or service, guiding them along in their buyer’s journey.

>Schedule a consultation with a digital marketing agency to scope out your marketing needs and budget.

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You don’t want to miss out on this podcast episode. Click here to listen.


Plus, read Justin’s blog as well that recaps his favorite points from the episode.

When you finish listening, you’ll likely have more questions for Gavin, and that’s OK. He’d love to offer you a FREE SEO consultation. Just so you know, this consultation normally costs money, making this opportunity one you definitely don’t want to miss out on. Act now or miss out!

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