Why Clicking the Publish Button Is Good for Your Soul

Why blog? I was thinking about this question recently as I left the Social Media Strategy class I’d taught at the University of Tennessee Non-Credit.

We’d discussed a number of social media channels that were available to these students, but we’d talked a lot about blogging.  In this class there were a few people who owned businesses, so we were talking about the benefits of blogging for a business.

We discussed the different logical reasons for an organization to blog.

Why A Business Should Blog

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Expert Positioning
  • Content Marketing

We ended up talking about the blogging is an investment.  The hours of time, the planning, the process of posting; the truth behind the scenes if you will.  These are the digital marketing reasons to blog.  However, I overlooked talking about how hitting the publish button can be good for your heart and soul, how it is emotionally rewarding.

Why YOU Should Blog

Blogging isn’t just about ranking well in Google, or positioning your expertise or your company.  It is about enjoying the process of publishing.  This is what makes it fun for me and many others who write.  I’m personally rewarded when it serves as a creative outlet to share what I think or to celebrate a success we’ve had or just to tell the story of my company and the people in it.  I can still remember some of my first blog posts over at gbake.com – sure they were idealistic, but they were passionate.

So blogging can be about content and it can be about community, but it’s also about creativity.  This is the heart and soul of blogging.  When writing isn’t about page views or inbound leads, but it’s about it being part of who you are.  It’s about taking a thought from your head or heart and crafting it to share with the world.

Take a break from the SEO inspired, long-tail keyword rich post and write something from your heart.  It will be good for you.

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