Welcoming Baker’s Director of Administration, Jonathan Trentham!

When Jonathan Trentham found Baker Marketing Laboratory, he was looking for a team that is passionate about their craft and innovative in what they bring to the market. We’re honored that he’s joined our team as our new Director of Administration! With a wealth of experience and a passion for teamwork and innovation, Jonathan has already made a positive impact on our team and clients.

Jonathan’s career began with various roles in the hospitality industry, but he has since found his niche as an administrative rockstar. His most recent role was in finance and administration for an IT company, and we are excited to welcome his versatile skill set and expertise here at Baker.

As Director of Administration, Jonathan takes care of our people, our processes, and our finances. He is responsible for the day-to-day management of key HR, finance, and business operations. His expert guidance and leadership help our team continue to grow and function as a well-oiled machine.

When asked what excites him about working for Baker, Jonathan explained, “I love surrounding myself with people who see the world differently. I am surrounded by conversations about color and design strategy and how to help our clients authentically speak to and resonate with the people they serve best.”

Outside of the office, Jonathan and his wife enjoy travel and hospitality. They love sharing meals with friends and having great conversations full of laughter and stories. They also have three amazing children who fill their lives with joy, gratitude—and of course—a few gray hairs.

We look forward to the valuable contributions that Jonathan will make as part of the Baker team. We’re thrilled to have him!

Some more fun facts about Jonathan:

What do you like most about Knoxville?

It’s the biggest small town I’ve ever been to. I like the pace of the city and the views of the mountains. 

What fictional place would you like to visit?

Rivendale from Tolkien’s Middle-earth. I love the idea of a beautiful place designed for relaxation and refreshment that travelers can stop at on their way to the wild unknown and return back to with stories and to find rest. 

What’s one thing that you geek out about?

Board Games—my wife and I enjoy the strategic decisions, the beautiful artwork, and the interactions around the table. @shegeekswithgrace is my wife’s Instagram handle for our gaming journey. 

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