Healthcare Website Design and Development: Our Step by Step Process

A strong online presence is key for healthcare providers. Baker Marketing Laboratory specializes in creating websites that go beyond traditional design, facilitating patient engagement and ultimately, driving action. 

Our commitment lies in blending functionality with visual appeal, ensuring every digital experience we craft not only captivates but also efficiently serves healthcare providers and their patients.

To help you understand our proven process for website design and development, we sat down with two members of our website team, Matt Everett, Director of Technical Projects, and Jennifer Goebel, Project Coordinator. Matt has nearly two decades of web design and development experience, and Jennifer brings a comprehensive understanding of project management and client relations to the table.

The Foundation of a Successful Healthcare Website

“A superior healthcare website is the frontline for patient interaction, available around the clock to address inquiries and compile vital patient data. It’s the first destination for individuals seeking health-related information or services.”

Matt Everett, Director of Technical Projects

Visitors are drawn to websites with a clear purpose, whether to seek information, perform an action, or find entertainment. Understanding and catering to these intentions are crucial, particularly in healthcare.

With more patients utilizing search engines to find healthcare providers each year, having an authoritative and engaging website is more important than ever. Patients often begin their healthcare journey online, looking for reliable information and reputable providers.

To enhance patient engagement and trust, this may involve:

  • Detailed FAQs addressing common patient concerns pre-visit
  • Authentic video testimonials from satisfied patients
  • Insightful, SEO-driven blog posts on pertinent health topics

Improving user experience through better design can increase conversion rates by up to 400%. To achieve such results, a structured and thorough design process is essential. This is what our experts at Baker Marketing follow:

Baker Marketing’s Six-Phase Blueprint for Website Design and Development

Step by step blocks

Baker Marketing’s comprehensive six-phase process guarantees a seamless evolution from concept to a fully developed website that achieves your organization’s goals and meets your patients’ needs. 

It involves:

  • Kickoff
  • Design
  • Development
  • Quality Assurance Testing
  • Review
  • Launch


The process begins by thoroughly exploring the objectives and aspirations you have for your website. The focus here is on creating a design that’s clean and intuitive, ensuring navigation is seamless, and optimizing for mobile responsiveness.

 “We approach each project as a unique partnership, prioritizing our clients’ vision and feedback from the very start.”

Jennifer Goebel, Project Coordinator



The design phase is where creativity meets strategy, focusing on integrating user experience (UX) with visual appeal.

“Our design philosophy goes beyond visual appeal, incorporating strategic decisions on UX elements and custom messaging to enhance patient engagement.” 

Matt Everett, Director of Technical Projects

This careful planning ensures the foundational design—encompassing the homepage and key service pages—sets a high standard for the entire site.


The development phase is where the website’s design transitions from concept to reality. Over a period of 4 to 6 weeks, our team focuses on meticulously bringing every aspect of your website to life. This stage ensures that static designs start functioning – buttons become clickable and users can interact with the site as intended, incorporating your envisioned functionality with a dedication to detail.

Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance (QA) phase is dedicated entirely to testing. This involves a comprehensive examination of your site to identify and fix any issues, ensuring seamless operation. Our QA team conducts rigorous tests to scrutinize every component, guaranteeing the website operates flawlessly and sets the foundation for a successful client review. We always keep your target audience in mind as we go through this process to ensure your website is easy-to-navigate for everyone.


This phase is an interactive and iterative process, inviting an open dialogue between the development team and the client. 

“This is where we fine-tune the website based on client feedback, ensuring every detail aligns with their vision.”

Jennifer Goebel, Project Coordinator

It’s about making sure that the website acts as a true digital extension of the healthcare practice, encapsulating its values, services, and unique approach to patient care. This detailed fine-tuning process is what transforms a good website into a great one, ensuring it resonates with patients and stands out in the competitive digital healthcare landscape.



With your approval, we celebrate the launch of your new website! However, our partnership doesn’t end at launch. We continue to support and adapt your site to meet evolving needs and technologies.

“We conduct post-launch check-ins and offer ongoing assistance to clients who host with us, guaranteeing that your website remains a vital, dynamic asset.” 

Matt Everett, Director of Technical Projects

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