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How We Use Call Tracking Software to Deliver Better Client Results

How We Use Call Tracking Software to Deliver Better Client ResultsThe business of marketing is no different than running a medical practice in that we need carefully chosen tools to do the job right. In order to deliver maximum results for our clients, we need excellent tools for marketing automation, web analytics, social media management, and lead tracking insights. We use a variety of software programs, apps, or partner with vendors that specialize in these necessary marketing activities.

CallRail is one of those vendors that I researched and chose in 2015 as a call tracking solution providing insights into online content that inspires potential customers to call a business. Understanding what drives someone to pick up the phone to request an appointment or consultation is valuable information for Baker Labs and our clients. A case study created by CallRail shows that the results of the partnership have been super, leading to 2x more leads for us and our clients than before we tracked calls.  

But it was when CallRail integrated with HubSpot in 2016 that we could more clearly view what pages people view and at what point in their buying cycle they place a call. Hubspot is the leading marketing tool that we and many of our clients use to track lead flow and traffic, and as a Hubspot partner we were already big fans of the platform. The integration of CallRail and Hubspot served to give us even more accurate insights into the lead cycle.

As I said then, in my opinion, HubSpot and CallRail are a match made in heaven for inbound marketers. Both tools provide awesome means for the person or company responsible for marketing to get a 360-degree view of their marketing impact. If you’re not using either of these tools, you should be.

Screen Shot 2017 10 18 at 10.25.48 AMWhen implemented with our clients, call tracking has yielded up to 2x’s as many leads since it captures the full picture of lead generation—including which pages a potential customer has viewed and for how long, and which links they’ve clicked on. Beyond that, our clients actually know what web page someone is on when they place the call. That information has allowed us to uncover important insights that have changed the work and more importantly, the results.  What type of insights?  

  • With call tracking, we can tell where a person is on the website when they make a call.  This helps us understand if more people call when they are on a product, procedure, or contact page and how to invest more time on those pages.
  • If a client chooses to record the calls, we can listen to how people describe the issue they are having on the phone. We glean words and phrases we can use to inform our own communications and marketing. What your customers or patients call the problem they’re having isn’t necessarily how you’d describe it. But how they are saying it is probably how they are Googling it.
  • By tracking the source of the phone call—Facebook, Website, Google search, Google Advertising, or whatever source you want to track—we get an idea of where people are finding the phone number to call.  
  • By watching call time patterns, we can tell if there is a discernable pattern we need to adjust for. We had a client who was short-staffed and regularly went to lunch at noon, and the phones went to voicemail while they were at lunch. Not a huge deal, except they received 25% of their calls at that time, and the callers weren’t leaving voicemails or their number. We recommended rolling the phones to a live person so those people’s contact information could be captured.  

Click here to view the case study CallRail created about our successful partnership.

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