Renee Ritchey

Chief of Staff

Renee is a dynamic force with a passion for facilitating relationships and building communities that lead to scalable growth and profitability. With a strong background in business development, she brings a unique blend of skills, knowledge, and previous experience to her role as Chief of Staff at Baker Marketing Laboratory.

Renee’s role at Baker was driven by her passion for optimizing business operations through strategic people and process management. She firmly believes in the transformative work Baker is doing and the positive impact it has on our team members, our clients, and the communities they serve.

As Baker’s Chief of Staff, Renee thrives on solving challenges, both for our team and clients. Strategic planning, whether for internal growth or for client success, is a key part of her role. She’s also deeply committed to nurturing the company’s culture, ensuring that it thrives as Baker continues to grow.

In her personal life, Renee enjoys spending quality time with her husband, Daniel, and their daughter, Sue. She’s an avid outdoor enthusiast, often found camping, hiking, and tending to her garden. Her dedication extends to community and professional organizations, as she’s an active member of the Blount Chamber, TMGMA/KAMGMA, and her church.

Renee Ritchey is more than just our Chief of Staff—she’s a catalyst for growth! We don’t know what we would do without her on the Baker team.

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