Jennifer Goebel

Project Coordinator

Jennifer is a seasoned professional with a flair for business and a passion for empowering teams to play to their strengths to serve clients best. With a degree in Business Administration and experience as a Professional Scrum Master, Jennifer brings a wealth of expertise to her role as project coordinator at Baker.

What led Jennifer to the world of marketing is her fervor for guiding teams through the intricacies of their work. She excels at managing the big picture while keeping an eye on the details, ensuring that the outcome of each project meets client and organizational goals.

At Baker, Jennifer thrives most on collaboration. She feels most rewarded when working with our team to craft high-quality work that elevates our clients’ businesses. Witnessing the joy our clients experience when a project succeeds and aligns perfectly with their vision is what fuels her passion.

Outside of the office, Jennifer is an adventurer at heart. She loves kayaking and enjoying the great outdoors. Her love for exploration extends to her involvement in The Digital Project Manager Membership, a professional community that resonates with her skills and passion for guiding teams to successful outcomes.

Jennifer is a dynamic team player who contributes so much to the Baker team!

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