Guide To Medical Marketing That Grows Your Practice

Free eBook On How Smart Medical Marketing Turns Prospects Into Patients

In today’s world, health professionals simply must establish themselves as reliable and reputable sources through their websites and social media sites online—because that’s where their patients are looking for information and treatment options.

According to a report compiled by the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project, 72% of internet users say they looked online for health-related information of one kind or another within the past year, including searching for a doctor or health professional that can best treat their symptoms. In other words, millions of people globally are using online searches and wading through vast amounts of information in their quest to find the best treatment options and doctor recommendations.

So, just how do you find patients online and inspire them to schedule an appointment with your healthcare facility when they have so many other choices?

Our free eBook, Helping Prospects Become Patients: Your Guide To Medical Marketing That Grows Your Practice, tells you how, when, and why patients research healthcare topics and potential treatments options. It also tells you how to create online content that actually attracts new patients, and how to harness the power of social media.

With clear tips and inspiring examples, this 16-page eBook will help you grow your practice through digital marketing tools and tips for medical practices, such as:

  • How to show up during each of the three stages patients go through when choosing a doctor.
  • Why sharing patient stories works so well, and how best to do it.
  • How to write content, including titles, that actually grab people’s attention.
  • What the statistics say about the role of social media in healthcare choices, and how to engage with patients through Facebook, etc.
  • Success stories that show how quickly and easily you can attract new patients.

To download the free eBook, Helping Prospects Become Patients: Your Guide To Medical Marketing That Grows Your Practice, click here.

Baker Labs specializes in helping medical practices grow through smart, customized digital tools and strategies. Contact us for a free marketing assessment of your medical practice, or for a free SEO audit of your website.


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