As Featured on Forbes: 19 Agency Pros Share Tips For Remote, In-Office And Hybrid Workplaces

In today’s business landscape, the question of whether a remote, in-office, or hybrid work approach reigns supreme has become a focal point for organizations worldwide. Some companies prefer a remote environment for the flexibility, while others prefer the collaboration that comes with a hybrid or in-person culture. 

We tackle this topic in this Forbes Agency Council article, where 19 industry leaders, including Baker Marketing Laboratory, share what type of workplace their agency operates with and how it is beneficial for their team.

“Our team operates with a hybrid workplace, where everyone is in the office together at least two days each week. Many of us like to come in more often than that for collaboration and in-person connection, but the hybrid model works best for combining flexibility with a strong team environment. We schedule team events and big meetings on in-office days so that the time with everyone is used wisely.”

Gavin Baker, President and Founder of Baker Marketing Laboratory

Here’s what other business leaders said about their work environments:

“We have adopted a hybrid work plan, with team members spending an average of three days a week in the office. This balance maintains the collaboration and connectivity of in-person work, while also granting the flexibility and autonomy remote work offers. The arrangement boosts productivity, fosters a healthy work-life balance and has successfully maintained team morale and efficiency.” – Stacy Jones

“We’re embracing hybrid remote work when needed, but mostly, we’re back in the office. We’ve always had flex-day options and WFH days available, but we’re a small team, and the power of in-person collaboration and creative brainstorming sessions is something we’ve found we can’t do without. The goal has always been to give flexibility while still holding each other accountable and maintaining structure.” – Tom Elstner

“We have been a hybrid work environment from day one of our 21-year history. Flexibility is a cornerstone value of a professional, supportive workplace. To make this work, we advocate candor and proactivity among colleagues. Our people plan ahead and negotiate what modality is best for the task at hand: having cameras turned on, planning to have a particular meeting in person or picking up the phone.” – Reid Carr

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