As Featured on Forbes: 18 Agency Pros Share Use Cases For Video Throughout The Sales Funnel

Video is the most popular form of content among marketers today. From short-form social media clips to documentary-style productions, video is a versatile tool that captivates viewers and encourages them to take action. It can really be leveraged at any stage in the buyer’s journey, but where exactly in the sales funnel is video the most useful? 

In this Forbes Agency Council article, 18 agency experts, including Baker Marketing Laboratory, share their favorite ways to use video marketing throughout the sales funnel.

“For healthcare marketing, video works well in both the consideration and decision stages. Patients want to hear about others’ experiences and learn about a practice’s benefits before choosing a provider. We all want reassurance that we’re making the right choice before choosing a new doctor or dentist, and video is an engaging way to answer questions, share patient stories and foster trust.”

Gavin Baker, President and Founder of Baker Marketing Laboratory

Here’s what other industry leaders answered:

“Videos are effective at the awareness stage because they are visual, engaging and shareable. They can be used to capture attention, communicate your value proposition and generate leads. Some examples of how you can use video at the awareness stage include creating explainer videos, sharing product demos, highlighting case studies and running webinars or livestreams.” – Hasan Saleem

“The consideration stage—where potential buyers actively research solutions—is crucial in the B2B sales funnel, and video has proven to be highly effective at showcasing demos, testimonials and comparisons. It engages, addresses specific needs and builds trust, guiding well-informed decisions. Using video at this stage enhances understanding and connection, leading to successful conversions.” – Ajay Prasad

“We love working with videos in the middle and bottom of the funnel, when customers are solution-aware but still weighing options. Videos with a user-generated feel, such as testimonials, before-and-afters or case studies, really shine. These videos are usually our starting point when leveraging video content because they have the biggest impact on sales.” – Yan Zhang

We are lucky to be a part of Forbes Agency Council alongside these skillful business experts!

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