Designing a Website for Your Healthcare Business: Do’s & Don’ts

A high-quality website is crucial for any business, and companies in the healthcare industry are no different. Websites are typically the first place people go when seeking information, so they’re the perfect tool for creating a memorable first impression with your patients and customers. However, most healthcare websites aren’t nearly as well-designed as they could be.

To learn what makes a healthcare website design truly successful, we talked to our Director of Technical Projects, Matt Everett. Matt has been doing web design and development for the past 15 years, and for the last 6-7 years, his work has been focused specifically on websites for the healthcare industry. He knows what’s important when it comes to a medical website and how to execute visually-enticing site designs that are functional for our clients.

Why is a good website important for businesses in the healthcare industry?

“Websites work 24/7/365 to answer questions and collect information from leads. Unlike some forms of marketing, websites are a place where people actually seek information. Beyond that, websites are the place prospective patients land first when seeking out a new doctor a friend told them about or when using Dr. Google to learn about their symptoms. You need to be found where your patients are looking, and patients are looking online.”

Matt Everett, Director of Technical Projects

It’s true – customers don’t visit websites unless they are: 

  • Genuinely interested in taking some action 
  • Looking for a source of entertainment 
  • Learning more about a topic, product, or service 

The key to a successful website is determining what your customers are searching for and how you can easily provide that to them.

For businesses in the healthcare industry, this may involve: 

  • Creating a list of FAQs that patients typically ask before their first appointment 
  • Recording video testimonials from patients who have experienced your services 
  • Writing SEO-centric blogs on relevant topics in your wheelhouse 

What makes a healthcare website stand out?

“While it is easy to point to trendy designs or individual features like live chat, I think the best websites are the ones that are built with strategy and clarity. Successful healthcare websites seek to provide information in a user-friendly way and allow an easy path for users to take the right next step, such as scheduling an appointment.”

Matt Everett, Director of Technical Projects

A website that is easy to use will always trump a complicated one, no matter how trendy its design is. Users will quickly get frustrated and exit your website if they can’t immediately find what they’re looking for, so it’s important to choose your homepage content and navigation bar links wisely. Experienced designers and developers on our team like Matt know how to create websites that optimize user experience and take any unnecessary confusion out of the equation.

What would make a healthcare website be considered “bad”?

Most websites suffer from poorly-considered designs, desktop-centric features that struggle to work on mobile phones, and confusing interfaces that don’t provide an easy path to the information users seek or an easy way to contact the website owner.”

Matt Everett, Director of Technical Projects

Healthcare can be especially complicated, confusing, and full of scientific jargon. Successful healthcare websites turn that information into something that’s easy-to-digest while also facilitating profitable lead generation. There should always be a clear next step for users to take, like “schedule an appointment,” that helps drive your healthcare business forward.

What is Baker Marketing’s website design and development process like?

“Our process is a design/build process that is intended to provide plenty of communication and opportunity for feedback without adding undue stress or work. We can handle everything from copy and video production to integrations with electronic health records (EHRs) and more. We’ve learned how to create lead-generating websites in a way that doesn’t leave our clients carrying the burden, as we create a resource that works for them around the clock.”

Matt Everett, Director of Technical Projects

Matt also noted that it’s important to choose a website partner with the right experience to avoid potential risks. For example, not every web host is HIPAA-compliant, but sometimes that is necessary for your specific healthcare website. Working with an experienced healthcare website developer like Baker Marketing Laboratory can help you navigate these often confusing waters.

Putting It All Together

Healthcare Website Do’s:

  • Create a user-friendly interface
  • Provide valuable, easy-to-digest content
  • Facilitate a clear path for lead generation

Healthcare Website Don’ts:

  • Involve overly-complicated design
  • Confuse users with irrelevant content
  • Use a developer that lacks healthcare knowledge

Does your healthcare website need an overhaul? Book a free consultation with the Baker Marketing Laboratory team today to create the website of your dreams, elevate your digital marketing presence, and grow your healthcare business.

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