As Featured on Forbes: 16 Innovative Ways Virtual Reality Could Revolutionize Advertising

Virtual reality (VR) has taken off in recent years, changing how different industries approach their audiences. As VR becomes more prominent, it opens the door for advertising companies to take advantage of its capabilities. 

In this Forbes Agency Council article, 16 industry leaders, including Baker Marketing Laboratory, shared how VR could change the advertising and marketing industry. Here’s what we said:

“VR can be used in advertising to create immersive experiences that blur the lines between the virtual and physical worlds. For example, rather than having to go into a store to try out a brand’s products, a VR e-commerce storefront promoted through digital ads could allow users to shop from anywhere in the world and really feel as if they’re in the store environment.”

Gavin Baker, President and Founder of Baker Marketing Laboratory

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Here’s what other marketing professionals said about how virtual reality will impact advertising:

“One of the biggest opportunities would be dynamic product placement in mainstream content when it is watched in the VR world. Brands will be able to hyper-target their customers individually with products after learning their preferences. Early versions of this already exist and will only become more advanced and far-reaching as VR grows.” –  Tanuj Joshi

“I suppose the craziest thing I could imagine is subliminal advertising based on thoughts—and I can imagine a scenario where people are excited to adopt the tech! We’ve basically done that with smartphones, so the next obvious thing is implants that read our raw thoughts, right? At that point, ads in VR could essentially function like the film Inception.” – Nicholas DeNitto

“VR is going to be an entertainment medium for consumers. Successful consumer campaigns will create immersive experiences, allowing consumers to live out the fantasy of the perfect life that, up until now, could only be shown in advertisements. Companies that understand the need to entertain, not sell, will win with VR in advertising.” –  Mike Maynard

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