As Featured on Forbes: Surprise And Delight: 20 Agency Pros Share Their Favorite Ways To Win Over Prospects

The color red is an attention-grabber, but if it’s not presented well, it won’t keep the onlooker’s attention. This same idea applies to “surprise and delight” strategies. It’s easy to surprise prospects, but what strategies will convert potential customers to paying customers?

In this Forbes Agency Council article, 20 industry leaders, including Baker Marketing Laboratory, shared their favorite strategies to convert prospects into paying customers. Here’s what we said:

“We always focus on providing a hospitality-inspired prospect experience. Prospects want to see that they will be treated well if they choose to work with you, so it’s important to delight them with impressive customer service. For example, when a client launches a new website with us, we’ll deliver a custom cake to them to celebrate. Prospects should be treated with the same level of hospitality.”

Gavin Baker, President and Founder of Baker Marketing Laboratory

At Baker Marketing, the client experience always comes first. Delivering custom cakes to celebrate website launches is just one example of how we go above and beyond for our partnerships. Client relationships are just as important to us as delivering exceptional marketing results. 

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Here’s what other business professionals had to say about winning over prospects:

“Show prospects that you understand their industry. Show them that you care about their business and the moment they’re in. Show them how you can connect the dots between where they are today and where they have the potential to lead in the future. Lead with your values. Find your shared values.” – Eve Smith Davies

“Personalization is key when it comes to connecting with prospects and building relationships. Personalizing interactions helps to create trust, increase engagement and drive conversions. From personalized offers via email campaigns to custom content tailored to each prospect’s interests or needs, prospects are delighted when a company knows what they want before they have to ask for it.” – Chelimar Miranda

“Too many agencies focus on sending gifts, dinners, tickets and other “personalized swag.” Want to know what’s surprising and delightful? When people do what they say they’re going to do. When expectations are surpassed. When trust is built.” – Gyi Tsakalakis

We are lucky to be a part of Forbes Agency Council alongside these talented marketers!

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