As Featured on Forbes: How 14 Agencies Break Down Silos To Boost Cross-Team Collaboration

When working with people who have different ideas, roles, and backgrounds, it’s easy to create silos within a workplace. However, when different departments become isolated from one another, communication and collaboration are easily lost. To break down silos, it’s important to encourage strong team communication and cross-team understanding.

In this Forbes Agency Council article, 14 industry leaders, including Baker Marketing Laboratory, shared different methods that prevent and break down silos and encourage team collaboration. Here’s what we said:

“Each month we have both a team lunch and a team happy hour where we focus on professional development. We may discuss a book we’re reading as a team, view a presentation from a team member, or simply use the time to chat and catch up. Getting everyone together often helps with knowing exactly what each department is working on and how we can all best support one another.”

Gavin Baker, President and Founder of Baker Marketing Laboratory

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Here’s what other agencies had to say about breaking down silos and creating a unified team:

“Recently, our firm hired a large number of new team members. We implemented an onboarding boot camp to quickly train new team members on their function and cross-function workflows, expertise and responsibilities. Each week, for a half day, we gathered all team members together to train on roles and responsibilities, processes and host team-building activities.” – Korena Keys

“Slack is a great tool to help break down silos and promote cross-team collaboration. By bringing all employees under one umbrella, it creates a feeling of unity and encourages communication. This helps foster a sense of belonging to a larger team, rather than just subteams.” – Bryanne DeGoede

“We practice job rotation by regularly transitioning employees between different roles so they get exposure to various departments and can expand their skill sets. It works, as we have strategists manage video projects, designers take part in qualitative research and so on. I see the passion that it inspires, plus people delight in discovering they have capabilities they weren’t aware of.” – Tom Silva

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