Is It Time To End the Parade of Homes and Start the Parade of Houzz?

Is it time to end the Parade of Homes?

For the past fourteen years, the Parade of Homes has allowed home builders to showcase their best work and connect with the Greater Knoxville community on a more personal level. The Parade of Homes is a perfect event for those looking to buy a home or for anyone interested in the newest trends in homebuilding and remodeling.

Home builders and designers from all over the area look forward to this three weekend event in hopes of making an impact and winning an award or two at the end of it all. As you can probably guess (or perhaps know from experience), a lot of time, money, and energy goes into making The Parade of Homes a success for both home builders and future homeowners. However, what if we told you that there is a free online tool that can reach a larger audience and get longer-lasting results?

Houzz was established in 2009 to allow home builders, renovators, and designers to actively interact with people interested in improving the overall look of their home or business. A social network for home design with more than 25 million monthly users, Houzz is the popular hang out for your clients, your future clients, and it’s where you should be too.

Similar to Pinterest, Houzz acts as an idea generator and is often the first step people make when considering a home project. Houzz users can create ideabooks for future remodels, search for design inspiration, and read articles on new products and current trends. Houzz also allows professionals to promote their completed projects which users can then save or share with family and friends. While the Parade of Homes comes and goes once a year, what’s posted on the Internet lives forever.

Houzz further connects home builders with the online community by giving them opportunities to build trust with their audience. (Read more in this blog post: 3 Ways to Build Better Customer Relationships with Houzz). While you might have a good conversation with a potential client during the Parade of Homes, if you didn’t get his contact information, it might be the last time you hear from him. With Houzz, you can touch base with a contact even after the thread has faded. A simple, “Hey, how did your kitchen renovation turn out?” could not only spark more conversation, but a deeper interest in your builder-remodeler business.

Baker Labs Tip:  Like with most things, marketing tools work best when used regularly. The more active you are on Houzz, the bigger impression you’ll make. Ultimately, the goal is to use Houzz as a platform to give your business a louder voice. By answering popular consumer questions and offering design and renovation advice on a consistent basis, you’ll become a builder your followers will know and trust.

As a Houzz Certified digital marketing firm, we believe that a strong social media presence is a vital part of a successful inbound marketing strategy. If you’re active on social media, but unsure if you’re efforts are paying off, check out this blog post or contact us.

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