Baker Labs is Now Houzz Certified for Home Builder Marketing

Baker Labs is Now Houzz Certified for Home Builder MarketingAs of January 2015, 29% of the world’s population (2.08 billion people!) use social media on a regular basis to stay connected with their friends and families and interact with their favorite businesses. While Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are certainly among the most popular social media platforms, there are some unique networks, like Houzz whose goal is to help professionals communicate with their customers easier and vice versa.

Houzz was established in 2009 to allow home builders, renovators, and designers to interact with people interested in improving the overall look of their home or business. Browsing Houzz is often the first step users take when considering a new home build or remodeling project, because Houzz acts as an idea generator. For example, Houzz users can create ideabooks for future remodels, search for design inspiration, read articles on new products and current trends. Houzz also allows homeowners to find and connect with professionals who can help turn their dream home into a reality.

Baker Labs has used Houzz over the past several years to provide building and design professionals with the best marketing strategies available. When Houzz rolled out their official certification program earlier this year, I jumped at the chance to learn more about Houzz methodology from the experts who designed it. The certification process involved watching a series of informative training videos and passing the certification exam. Because Baker Labs is now Houzz Certified, we are one of the first digital marketing firms to receive the latest Houzz updates, including product news, market research, and exclusive event invitations.

As a Houzz Certified digital marketing firm, we believe that a strong social media presence is vital part of a successful inbound marketing strategy. In fact, home builders who use Houzz reach more prospective clients and develop stronger leads than those who do not. For more information on how you can use Houzz to benefit your home building, renovating, or design company, please contact us.

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