A Guide to Choosing an Inbound Agency for Home Builders

A Guide to Choosing an Inbound Agency for Home BuildersIn this day and age of ever-changing technology, we are seeing an increase in marketing strategies that are online focused and ROI driven. While some home builders have been able to stay on the cutting edge of digital marketing with their internal team, most contractors do not have the time or resources to train people on critical inbound marketing techniques like search engine optimization (SEO), keyword optimization, social media management, and email automation. Home builders and renovators who are interested in increasing their online visibility and improving lead generation in this way often look to outside agencies for help.

If you’re considering outsourcing your digital marketing, it is important to keep in mind that all inbound marketing agencies are not the same. Similar to home building and renovation contractors, inbound agencies come in many different shapes and sizes and vary in experience and specialties. However, there are a set of core values and skills that an are essential to developing a strong marketing game plans for home builders.

Hire an inbound marketing agency that…

1. Focuses on the fundamentals of inbound marketing.

An inbound marketing agency who blends the four cornerstones of inbound marketing into a cohesive home builder strategy and will execute your marketing game plan in a way that delivers real value and maximum impact.

2. Provides a clear strategy to achieve SMART goals.

SMART goals are goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound. An inbound agency who creates and implements a digital marketing strategy with these goals in mind acknowledges the challenges your company faces and increases the likelihood of overcoming them with a clear game plan.

3. Practices what they preach.

Does the inbound agency you’re considering use inbound marketing for themselves? Essentially, do they do the things they are proposing? Take a step back and look at their website, their blog, and their social media. The inbound marketing agency you choose should be able to cite itself as a case study.

4. Can provide proven results in the form of case studies.

A great inbound marketing agency should be able to provide living proof of their success. Website traffic, lead generation, and customer conversion increases are the top three results you want to see in their client case studies.

5. Specializes in the home building and design industry.

The home building and design industry is a unique field and warrants a unique inbound marketing strategy. An inbound marketing agency who is familiar with you, your customers, and your overall agenda will know how to meet your business goals better with a customized approach. Read Inbound Marketing for Home Builders to learn more.

6. Can utilize the talents within your own team.

If leveraged correctly, the natural talents of your internal team can accelerate your company’s inbound marketing strategy. A good inbound marketing agency will get to know the people in your company well and use their strengths to make a bigger impact. For example, if you have an incredible interior designer, your inbound marketing agency should use her as a primary resource when writing blog posts about home design. This will not only make your blog posts on brand, but it will help your readers connect with your company in a more personal way.

7. Helps you understand your own marketing strategy.

Invest in an inbound marketing agency who makes it a point to explain what it is doing for your company and the reason behind it. It is your marketing strategy, so you should never feel left in the dark. Read Why Every Home Builder Needs a Successful Digital Marketing Strategy to learn more about why inbound marketing works for home builders and renovators.

8. Excels in project management.

A successful inbound marketing strategy is built with a lot of puzzle pieces. You’ll want an agency who is well-organized and able to keep everything and everyone (including yourself!) on task in order to achieve the best results. The best inbound marketing agencies excel at communication and are capable of managing campaigns with a lot of moving parts with your minimal involvement.

9. Uses analytics and goal-tracking on a consistent basis.

Inbound marketing agencies who measure everything typically produce better results because they are constantly making informed decisions. You have certain goals you are trying to meet and hope that by hiring an inbound agency, you’ll be able to meet them better.  Therefore, the agency you choose should be following the data, charting your company’s progress, and be able to present you with the results on a regular basis.

10. Values transparency and honest communication.

Although they’re professionals at what they do, the inbound agency you partner with should request your input and feedback often. Because they’re not you, they have limited knowledge of what goes on in the home building and design industry. Quality back-and-forth will increase the effectiveness your overall marketing and sales strategies.

At Baker Labs, we understand the home building industry and have worked with builders and renovators like you to achieve great results. Our experience helps us understand the thought patterns of your most profitable customers, how they process information, and what they are looking for when they have a question about a product or a building technique. Because of this, we know how they look for home builders when they’re considering outsourcing a project and we can help them find you. If you’re curious as to whether or not we could be a good fit for you, please contact us! We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about us and the way we use inbound marketing for home builders.

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